Saturday, 7 July 2012

Olympic Games 2012: Just 19 Days to Go!!

Last Friday, We Continued Working on the Olympics and these are the results...

Congratulations to both 2nd "B" and 3rd "B" for your amazing work!! 
Alejandro 3rd B

Iara 3rd. B

Vicky 2nd B

Sofía 3rd. B

Santiago 2nd B

Jairo 3rd B

Kevin 3rd B

Diego 2nd B

Jairo 3rd. B

Gastón 3rd. B

Zuriel 2nd B

Cynthia 3rd. B

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Gianella 3rd. B

Celeste 3rd B

Gastón 3rd. B

Sebastián 3rd. B

Ramiro 3rd. B

Joaquín 2nd B

Florencia 3rd. B

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