Wednesday, 14 November 2012

4th Week British Council Project

 Climate Change: How Can We Help?

Reduce Reuse Recycle! 
These is the work done in class 

Jimena, 3rd. B

Ramiro, 3rd. B
Cintia, 3rd. B

Gastón, 3rd. B

Sofía, 3rd. B

Ludmila, 3rd. B

Jimena, 3rd. B

Florencia, 3rd. B

Vicky, 2nd. B

Sebastián R., 3rd. B

Sebastíán R., 3rd. B

Agustín, 2nd. B

Delfina, 3rd. B

And this is a picture of us 
with hands at work :)
Iara, Kevin, Caorolina, Brian, Milagros and Martín from 3rd. B. Good Job!!

 Congratulations to You All!!

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