Thursday, 31 October 2013

Our Halloween Week Work 2013

Congratulations on Your Amazing Job!!
Very Well Done :)))
Arián, 3rd "B"

Aldana, 2nd "B"
Ariana, 2nd "B"

Joaquín, 3rd. "B"
Anahí, 2nd "B"


  1. I love the pictures! It looks like you had great fun drawing them. Here in England the children have been off this week so had Halloween at home during the holiday. I will show them the blog when we get back to school, next week. If you would like to see what we have been doing here in Somerset you could have a look at our Class Blog. and we would love a comment from you! Mrs Jean Donald

  2. Thx for your lovely comment Mrs Jean Donald! My students & I enjoy to receive messages from other classes around the world and esp from England :) By the way, we visited your class blog and we all think it's amazing!! Congrats on the work done!! We will comment on it soon, as part of our daily lesson. Happy Halloween Hols, thx again!!