Monday, 14 July 2014

Congratulations Argentina!!

Million thanks to the World Cup Team 2014 !!!
Thanks for inspiring us in so many ways...
Here we are sending our hearts to you :)

2nd "A"

2nd "A": Joaquín, Isaías, Jeremías, Brian and Rocío.
2nd. "A": Isaías & Tomás

2nd "B"

2nd. B: Mía, Daiana & Micaela.

2nd. "A": Delfina, Benjamín, Lucas, Demian & Leonardo.

2nd. "B": Martina, Morena, Matías, Agustín O. & Laureano.

We will always remember you!!! Thank You!! 

This is our poster!! Hope you like it :) 

2nd "A" & "B" kids + Miss Iberia.

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